Any way of auto accepting meeting invites server side?

I’m using an Android app called One Calendar to be able to view an axigen calendar remotely (without logging into axigen webmail) over caldav,

Which works great. But…

I can’t see meeting requests in the calendar until they’ve been responded to in some way via the webmail interface…

I believe this is a “feature” of One Calendar as I’ve looked at the caldav traffic between axigen and One Calendar and noticed that invites that have been responded to contain a STATUS:CONFIRMED whereas initially the caldav traffic contains the appointment but there is no STATUS: entry present in the <A:response> data.

So… the question:

Is it possible to set up a server side filter to auto accept meeting invites? I don’t need them to be replied to, I just need them to go straight in the calendar as confirmed rather than as tentative so that One Calendar will show them without me having to log into a web interface to accept meeting requests just to see them in the calendar.

Actually they just need “responding” to somehow - I’ll explain. If I respond to a meeting request as tentative, this is enough to put it in the calendar so that One Calendar can see it, even though it has not been “accepted”. I notice that the STATUS: CONFIRMED flag is still present in the caldav traffic for invites that have been responded to as “tentative”.

Any ideas? Thanks,