Axigen won't ask AD for POP3 auth

Dear all!

We’re about to implement Axigen into our system, but we ran into a problem.
Our AD is a Windows 2016, and Axigen is running on CentOS 7.
The LDAP connector is configured with a domain admin bind user. The users show up on the webadmin, as well as groups.
The problem is, when I test POP3 with telnet, I always get a Wrong username/password, even though the credentials are correct. It seems that Axigen is not turning to AD for the users.
I created a local user from the webadmin, and I could successfully logged in to POP3.
So it seems that Axigen is unaware of the fact, that it needs to turn to AD for the user list, and checks for local users instead.

Any idea would be highly appreciated!


Hello Victor,

Most probably you have used the defined LDAP connector only for provisioning purposes.

You may re-use the same LDAP connector for authentication purposes using the following setup:

WebAdmin > Clustering > Clustering Setup > Routing and Authentication > Authentication Type > Perform LDAP Bind authentication using: [your_ldap_connector]



Dear Ioan!

Thank you for your excellent support, it works now! :slight_smile: