Reloaded Machine, Restored Axigen.. Working sort of, DNS Errors?

Well here is the story. I decided to upgrade from Ubuntu 16 to the 18.03 LTS… In the process there were errors and things didnt go smoothly. Even tho Axigen (10.2) seemed to be running fine, the system was not stable. So i loaded a new machine with the latest Ubunty release, and while the other machine was active, i stopped the align service, and copiesdthe entire axigen working directory to a usb drive, ( i also did a full FTP backup).

I copied the working directory back to its location on the new ubuntu box. I then ran the Latest align 10.3 installer to upgrade it, which it did. no errors, and config and all emails saved and seem to work. So i thought.

I can not send to certain domains at all. I can receive just fine it seems, but sending to certain ones is a no go. It looks like some sort of DNS issue. I use, as my dns servers, they are resolving find on the machine as far as i can tell, i can go everything internet wise no issue. The queue shows unable to connect to an IP in the sender log, but it looks like its not even the right IP? Im losing my mind over this. Can anyone point me where to look and solve this? Some of the domains in question are, and office365 domains?

Ok oddly enough literally 1 min after i sent this topic, It has started working. ?!?!?! Mind blown.