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Problem after updating the licence

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    Problem after updating the licence

    I've been using Axigen with the previous licence for 10 premium accounts (with 8 active premium accounts). Today I wanted to update the server from version 10.1.4. to 10.1.5 and update the lincese as the previous one was expiring. Unfortunately after updating the licence key, I can't enable the previous domain any longer. The error log says:

    Jan 31 04:30:28 mx Axigen[2022]: ERROR: DomainManager: for domain '********' Accounts/Maillists/Groups/PFRecipients existing 8/0/0/0, allowed 5/100/5/10000
    Jan 31 04:30:28 mx Axigen[2022]: ERROR: DomainManager('/var/opt/axigen/domains/********/'): domain registration error for domain '********' (Number of domain obj$
    Jan 31 04:42:14 mx Axigen[2022]: ERROR: DomainManager: domain objects per domain counter exceeded when registering domain '********'

    Is there any way I can remove the 3 accounts above the limit and enable the domain back again? The only option that the panel offers is deleting the domain. You should have warned that this is the case and I would have removed the accounts before updating the key. I don't really need those accounts.


    Please contact our sales department (here) providing your Registration Code and you will receive a temporary license that will allow you made the needed cleanup.




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