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Problem with renew free license.

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    Problem with renew free license.

    Hello, I want to say thank you for good product as Axigen Mail. Yesterday, I've renew my free license but i can't enable my domain because new license doesn't allow and i got message: "The maximum number of domain objects (accounts, groups, mailing lists, etc.) allowed by your license has been reached!" and i don't know what to do, in forums I've read that you can give me a temporary license where I can reduce my account to fit for new one.I had sent e-mail to support via contact form and they promise me to answer in 8 hours, but my inbox still empty. Please, help me, my work has stuck. Thank you. Kind regards;

    Yep, I got a similar problem and strongly suspect there is a bug in the domain manager which is inaccurately keeping track of the number of enabled domains defined. Right now, with the free license I have 4 domains defined, 2 of which are enabled and two not. When I try to enable a 3rd domain I get this ridiculous error message also. I have tried deleting and recreating the domains but the domain manager will not allow me to enable them. In fact it appears that Axigen crashes at this point forcing me to restart the server.



      We are not aware of any bug related to the "domain manager".

      If you like to investigate what is happening you could disable all domains and enable one domain that you said is not enabled correctly. What is happening?

      In any cases you have the option to call our sales team and ask for a temporary license that will allow you to sort this problem.



        I have the same problem, I upgraded to 10.2.1 and updated the license (free). I use 2 domains, for simple accounts like jira server. I can crate new domains, but I cannot activate the second existing domain (the primary is working, the secondary is deactivated and every time i try to activate it, I get the error message).
        I cannot deactivate all domains, the primary cannot be deactivated.

        I did the manual update (changing 2 folders and the .exe file), but with the same results.

        Note that axigen shows a funny number of max allowed domains:
        Number of domains: 4294967295 total allowed 1 total used
        Please check, this is a critical issue.



          Hello Piotr,

          Please follow these steps to disable the current primary domain:

          1. Login into WebAdmin
          2. Navigate to Global Settings > General > General > Primary Domain
          3. Change the value from current text to none
          4. Save Configuration

          Now your previous primary domain is not anymore "primary" so you could disable it.




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