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Free License suggestions

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    Free License suggestions

    Just switched from Zimbra (with Zextras for ActiveSync/Backups) to Axigen.

    My reasons for switching were pretty straight forward: Wanted to stop paying $100/year for Zextras and wanted to get off Zimbra due to the quality of their Wiki Articles, lack of any real support on the forums (personal experience), and the bloat that is Zimbra (5GB of RAM to run where Axigen + OS is less than 1GB).

    I would like to suggest that you revisit the free license user count.

    I've been reading the forums and found the old free licenses used to allow 10 accounts. I would love to see the license return to that as I've maxed out my 5 licenses already. I personally don't need any of the premium features so 10 basic accounts would be great, or 5 premium and 5 basic? 2 premium, 8 basic? Something to get the count back up to 10. I have 4 domains (all for personal use) and feel a tad constrained with the 5 user limit.

    Alternatively how about a home user license? Your business license for 10 users starts at $570usd/year which is a bit much for an enthusiast/home user. How about $25-50/year for 10 home users? I'm sure there must be some way to validate that customers are not abusing the home user license for business purposes.

    Hello FiZi,

    Thank you for your honest follow up.

    We really take into account & value our clients opinion, and this also helps us to provide better, more user friendly solutions to our current and future customers.
    We will inform our internal departments about your suggestion regarding the Free version.
    In the future, if changes will be made to the current version, they will be made public on our site.

    Thank you


      I'm former user of Axigen Free + paid ActiveSync extension for over 2 years on FreeBSD. The problem was unstability of llicensing model.
      It was changing every year (as 5 user, 10 users, number of domains etc.) and price was rising.
      At some point I've not accepted the changes and moved to one OS system.
      Anyway the Axigen worked fine for me.

      If I want mail server + ActiveSync for 1 user then 500Euro is unacceptable. It needs some reasonable license for home users.
      And maybe some automatic e-shop where the users could by home license per user, get it over email and no personal involved in such license. I have no problem pay a home/personal license for example 10 - 15 Euros per user/year.

      Of course it is Axigen's decision if they want to have such users. Anyway if do such change in licensing, try to keep the rules longger than 1 year.