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Add posibility to disable login with account aliases

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    Add posibility to disable login with account aliases

    Please add possibility to disable login with account aliases , as this in my opinion could be security issue.
    If you check the interwebs there are data breaches almost every day where email addresses are disclosed or even worst passwords and other personal data.

    So i have my account id (a random string for me actually, much like the temporary aliases generated by axigen) which should be used for authentication and only that.
    Back to the breaches, as i said i have the main email id (account) as a random string , and use regular aliases for websites when signing up, the problem is that these aliases can be used for brute force, since you can login with them and there's no 2FA yet.

    That's a major issue if you ask me.

    Please consider fixing this with urgency.
    Thank you!

    This option will be available via CLI starting with Axigen X2 Update 2 (10.2.2), planned for the end of November, 2018.

    Please note that for now the option will NOT be available when performing LDAP authentication.


      thank you , that's great news
      i see that 2FA is also on the roadmap , nice work



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