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Webmail should support https:<mydomain>/<mail>

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    Another trick and working now


    Last mail I wrote about the problem that the webmail address does conflict with the mail address:
    - webmail "should be " www.mail.mydomain where the mail should be
    - <myname>@mydomain

    I was trying to fix that with a domain alias. That does not work.
    What does work is to create two domains:
    - <mydomain> and
    - mail.<mydomain>

    In opposite to what you might consider "normal", for the trick you should make mail.<mydomain> the primairy domain. By doing so the webmail server understands that you would like to access the webmailserver via www.mail.<mydomain>

    That (together with the other described tricks) does the job.

    Consequence is:
    - that you need to enter your full mail name yourname@<yourdomain> to log into the mailserver.

    Note that for accessing the webadmin from the web, you will need another non standard (oeps do not like that) port number (and a heavy password for security reasons). Assuming you have only one external IP and need to use a SNI based reverse proxy.




      i think you over complicated the things , you could solve this as stated on the first page very quickly and easily with apache's proxy module
      you don't need more than one IP on the server , or domain aliases ... whatever that means
      just use subdomains , and apache will take care of the hostname header



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