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Outlook 2010 won't start

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  • Outlook 2010 won't start


    I have upgraded to Outlook Connector 7.5 and Outlook 2010 (32bit version) on my WIN7 64bit machine. After installation, reboot and initial startup everything was working fine. Connect, sync, send receive etc all working normally.

    After my first reboot however, Outlook fails to start. The splash screen shows up and dies after the first "Processing..." message apears.

    Looking at the event viewer, I see 2 strange messages:

    Starting reconciliation for the store C:\Users\my username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Axiolk.ps t for the following reason: The store was last opened on a different machine.

    The following providers do not implement fast shutdown APIs, but are being shut down using fast shutdown:
    AXIOLK.DLL (MAPI Address Book Provider)
    AXIOLK.DLL (MAPI Store Provider)

    One point wrt my computer, it has 2 NIC with static IP addresses, and I do notice that traffic on the NICs is random (which is what I want)

    Also, I have deleted the Outlook profile and recreated it, but used the same Axiolk.pst file.

    Any thoughts on how to get Outlook to start properly?


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    Simply using a new profile will not help. The new profile must be created to use a different (new) .pst file. Check if everything is functioning properly after using a new .pst.

    If you still encounter the same issue on a subsequent reboot we suggest that you direct all traffic from/to the Axigen service using a specific nic/IP.


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      I have tried deleting the profile and removing the .pst file. The same result happens. I have also disabled of of the NICS with no affect. Outlook still doesn't start and I get the same errors.

      I am able to access the account on a different machine using the same config, Outlook 2010 and connector 7.5.

      I need this working on my primary machine as I am now getting the same result on 2 differnt accounts.

      Any debugging options?


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        Please attempt the following:

        1) Uninstall Axiolk from your primary station.

        IMPORTANT: Make sure that no .pst files associated with your Axiolk profiles are kept on that station.

        2) Install the same version of Axiolk on the primary station as the one of your Axigen server.

        Note: attempt to use a single IP for that station while performing this test.

        3) Create a new Axiolk profile on the primary station.

        IMPORTANT: DO NOT import any previously used data from .pst files as well as other sources.

        NOTE: Do not add more than one account to the Axiolk profile.

        4) Check if any errors are encountered and if so, provide us with any relevant screenshots or information.


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          Same issue

          I had the same issue, also on a 64 bit Windows 7 with Outlook 2010.
          After processing in the splash screen Outlook just stopped and disapeared.

          Starting Oulook in Safe mode did work!

          I used a windows restore point and reinstalled the connector for 7.5
          This time everything worked.


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            Thanks for the additional information. I still can't get it working. Here is what I have done.

            - removed the Outlook profile
            - removed all the Outlook working files, including .pst file
            - removed Outlook Connector
            - removed Office 2010
            - reboot
            - re-install Office 2010
            - reboot
            - re-install Outlook Connector 7.5.0
            - re-create Outlook profile

            Outlook fails to start with the same symptoms. I have tried to get a screen capture but it won't seem to grab the Outlook Splash screen. The event log has the same info previously posted.

            Basically what happens is Outlook start and the splash screen appears. There is a bunch of connect messages and some sync activity and the it get to "Processing..." on the splash screen and the it dies after about 5 sec.

            I beleive the Outlook connector fails, because it shows up in the system tray with the spinning dial and when Outlook dies it stay in the system tray, but when I put my cursur over the icon it disappears.

            Are there any logfiles I could provide you?


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              Try starting Outlook with another profile with a non-AXIGEN Connector account configured, or a profile without email support (Outlook profile with no email account configured).
              Or you can try using safe-mode, as NetEyeD suggested.

              After Outlook is successfully started, do a normal close of the application (without faults) and try starting it again with your AXIGEN Outlook Connector profile.



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                Itunes Version 10 installed?


                Would you happen to be using Itunes version 10? If so there seems to be an issue with the Axigen Outlook connector and one of the Itunes addins (the mobile connector add-in if memory serves me right). Note no such problems with Outlook 2010, Axigen and Itunes 9.

                Anyway start Outlook in safe mode (Outlook /safe) and then disable the Itunes add-in, that should work. It's happened to me on all the PCs I have with Itunes 10 installed.



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                  Hi Nick;

                  Thanks for your information, you are indeed correct. iTunes 10 was the problem. In fact there are 2 plugins that iTunes installed that need to be disabled in order to get Outlook working:

                  iTunes add-in
                  Outlook Change Notifier

                  Both are Apple products installed into Outlook when iTunes 10 is installed.

                  Thanks very much.


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                    I can confirm also.
                    Office 2010 + Connector 7.5
                    Deinstall iTunes - still problem.
                    Created new Profile - all fine.



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                      I can confirm that its not iTunes.
                      I deinstalled it. Few times ok. Then same problem.
                      I end up coming to safe mode in outlook and Disable ALL addons - but Axigen.
                      It sworks atm.



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                        It most definately is iTunes.

                        iTunes installs an application called "Apple Mobile Device Support". This is used for updating Calander and Contact info of iPod/iTouch/iPhone/iPad devices from Outlook data.

                        It does this by installing the "Outlook Change Notifier" add-in to Outlook. This is what causes Outlook to fail on start up.

                        It affects all versions of Outlook btw. 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

                        Not need to uninstall iTunes, simply start Outlook in safe mode (outlook /safe) and disable the "Outlook Change Notifier" add-in and every thing works fine.


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                          Hmmm same for me, solved after removing the Itunes &%&^%&
                          Thanks Smegsly!


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                            Open .pst file

                            The PST file format is supported by several Microsoft client applications, including Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook. The PST file format is an open format for which Microsoft provides free specifications and irrevocable free patent licensing through the Open Specification Promise
                            The libpst project includes tools to convert PST files into open formats such as mbox and LDAP Data Interchange Format. libpst is licensed under the GPL and is now included in Fedora.
                            There are tools to convert PST to other formats or to upload to other online e-mails like Gmail, for example encryptomatic.com/pstviewer/