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Not recieving mail from a specific domain

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  • Not recieving mail from a specific domain

    I have clients that are unable to receive email from several subdomains of ohio.gov. From the logs, it looks like all the emails are being routed through outbound.protection.outlook.com. Axigen appears to receive the initial communication, but then drops the connection with no real reason/error given. The message is then tried again every so often. I have included a log snippet. Several addresses are acting the same way - same sending domain, different sending users. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    From the log you have shared I understand that the remote party is dropping the connection and not the local Axigen process.
    2017-06-27 13:27:43 -0400 16 axigen SMTP-IN:000003FF: >> 250 Recipient accepted
    2017-06-27 13:27:43 -0400 16 axigen SMTP-IN:000003FF: << DATA
    2017-06-27 13:27:43 -0400 16 axigen SMTP-IN:000003FF: >> 354 Ready to receive data; remember <CRLF>.<CRLF>
    2017-06-27 13:27:43 -0400 16 axigen SMTP-IN:000003FF: >> 421 axigen remote peer has closed connection
    Taking this into consideration I advice to point this out to your network support team to check if there could be any local devices that could drop these connections and, furthermore, to escalate the problem to postmaster@ohio.gov in order to ask their support team for a resolution.

    From your side you could filter your logs to check if the problem is related to:
    • all or only some messages sent from ohio.gov / subdomains of ohio.gov
    • all or only some messages that are received through outbound.protection.outlook.com
    Also, some network traces (for example obtained with tcpdump) could point out which part exactly is dropping the connection.



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      I have same problem like this. I have clients that are can't to receive email from several subdomains corporate. If the customer send email to free email like gmail, yahoo no problem, but if they send email to my client which use axigen server can not receive in webmail axigen. To make sure, the customer check send item and it's true already send. But in my clients can not receive email or message error from their customer.
      How to check the problem for make sure if the customer is true send email to my clients.

      Thank you.

      Supangkat Eka Prasetya, S.Kom, MTCRE, UEWA


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        Please check your server Axigen logs for SMTP-IN service and if you still have questions please contact our support department in order to work with you on all of open issues you may have.



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          Sorry for the late response on this, but it took some time to test the solution and during that time, I got distracted putting out other fires....

          Anyway, I ended up taking your advice, and took a look at the network. Specifically in our case, it was a Watchguard firewall that had a SMTP-in proxy on it. Specifically I had to increase the allowed header/message size and that seemed to get it working again. Thanks for the help!