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Multi-domain single-user setup

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    Multi-domain single-user setup

    Current setup:
    Server: OpenLDAP + Cyrus IMAP + Postfix
    Clients: Outlook + Bynari Outlook Connector

    As of Friday Jan 26, the Bynari license checks no longer function as the server can not be reached so a new solution is required. Axigen looks to be a decent solution however I do have some configuration questions before I take the evaluation steps.

    I have a single user list via OpenLDAP.
    I have multiple internet domains where each user has an address from the primary domain and some also have addresses in the second domain.
    Each user has more than one email address aliased (i.e. userid@, firstname.lastname@).
    Current setup only has 1 mailbox per user.
    Authentication done by user ID.
    Those that have addresses in the second domain send messages using that domain (i.e.

    So my question would be how to configure Axigen to have a single mailbox per user that will receive messages for multiple addresses across multiple domains? And will the Outlook Connector support this as well?

    I have been reading the online documentation and know about the domain alias and account alias settings but just how it all works is missing. Sure a message sent to an account's alias is delivered to the account, but does that also include the second domain if it is a domain alias?

    I am primarily interested in the Outlook Connector at this time for client access so it may be a limiting factor.


    The account and domain aliases provide a list of addresses that are associated to the main account. This means that you will be able to receive and send to / any address that could be created using the account and domain aliases.

    From your message I understand that your concerns are related to sending capabilities of the Outlook when used in conjunction with Axigen Outlook Connector. As usually you will not have from begging a list of addresses you are able to use for the "From" address but as soon you are using them you'll have a list that you could select from.

    If there is a specific scenario that is failing on your side please let us know and we'll try to assist you when debugging it.




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