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    Axigen 10.2.1 , Windows 7.

    Java application try read messages from inbox .
    I get an error when connecting to store.
    javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Unsupported authentication type
    code below:
    properties.put( "mail.smtp.auth", "false");
    properties.put( "mail.pop3.starttls.enable", false ) ;
    properties.put( "protocol" , "smtp") ;
    properties.put( "", host ) ;
    properties.put( "mail.pop3.port", sPort ) ;

    session = Session.getInstance
    store = session.getStore("pop3") ;
    store.connect(host, username, password) ;

    what's wrong ?


    I understand that you are trying to get the messages from the Inbox using POP3 protocol.

    From the exception message you have shared it seems that the authentication failed due to no matching between allowed authentication types presented by server and known ones from the Java client.

    In the default configuration the POP3 service do not allow unsecure authentication when the connection is not encrypted - which seems to be your case as you have disabled StartTLS in your client.

    Now, you have 2 options:

    1) to enable StartTLS into your client >> and check if you still get the same error // this is the recommended approach \\

    2) keep StartTLS disabled into your client but enable (from Axigen WebAdmin > Services > POP3 > Encryption & Authentication) all 3 unsecure authentication methods

    If you still have problems please enable the log level for POP3 service to Protocol Communication and share here the log lines relevant to the failed POP3 session.




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