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How to restore a deleted domain

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    How to restore a deleted domain

    This is probably more of a feature request, but I will submit my question here since it may be a bug... When deleting a domain with the domain manager I am asked if I want to create an archive of the domain. I check that I do. What is not easy or obvious is how to restore the domain later. The only opportunity is to create a new domain from scratch which is NOT what I want to do, especially when users within that domain were using an IMAP server. I tried stopping the Axigen server, going into the directory /var/opt/axigen/domains directory and manually changing the name of the archived domain to what Axigen appears to expect, only to get a useless error message telling me "An error has occurred" That is about as bad of an error message as I have ever seen and the developers seriously need to rethink this part of their software design! IMHO of course!

    P.S. The reason I got into this mess and discovered this issue is because there is another serious issue within Axigen keeping track of the number of enabled domains. It gets confused somehow about the total number of domains declared and enabled and even though I have less domains than my license claims I am allowed, it will falsely claim that when adding/enabling a domain I have exceeded the number of domains I am allowed. So I tried to delete a domain or two, thinking I could restore it later, only to find I am sinking in a deeper quagmire of bugs in the Axigen server... Please fix or tell me how to workaround these problems ASAP since my users and I are now loosing emails creating serious problems for us.

    Something odd that I am seeing upon further investigation, in the Global section of the WebAdmin
    License Information note the total number of domains allowed! That looks like a bogus number of some kind, how could that happen, and how can I fix it?

    (Speaking as a software engineer, good programming practices should do a range check/auto fix on such parameters...)

    License Restrictions
    Machine count: 1 available 1 total used
    Number of domains: 4294967295 total allowed 3 total used
    Number of accounts: 5 total allowed 3 total used
    5 total allowed per domain 2 total used
    Number of groups: 5 total allowed 0 total used
    5 total allowed per domain 0 total used
    Number of mailing lists: 100 total allowed 1 total used
    100 total allowed per domain 1 total used
    Number of public folders with email address: 10000 total allowed 0 total used
    10000 total allowed per domain 0 total used
    Global add-ons available: FTPBackup, GSSAPI, MobileWebmail, PublicAddressBook, Reporting, SNMP, Webmail



      That number just means that the number of domains is "unlimited" (4294967295 = FFFF FFFF).




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