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Body filtering in automatic forwarding

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    Body filtering in automatic forwarding

    Axigen Mail Server version 10.1.5:

    I have configured 2 filters for automatically forwarding emails sent to my Axigen server, to my @Outlook account.

    I disabled Body filtering in the admin control panel and set body filtering to "No Filtering" in Interface settings for the account.

    But still when the emails are forwarded, they get turned into an email with a .txt and a .htm file.

    At the start they did turn our properly, but the last month they have been all sent with body filtering.

    Any Ideas?

    Hello Norling,

    1/ Body filtering options you are referring to are related to the WebMail interface, where email messages' content is filtered before being displayed in the browser

    2/ This is why the mentioned options have no relations with how you see the forwarded messages into your external accounts.

    My bet is that your @Outlook account introduce recently some updates that displays the emails with a .txt and a .htm files.

    In order to see if this is related to @Outlook account, could you add a forward rule to any other external accounts (like @Gmail or @Yahoo) and let us know if the problem still occurred?

    If yes - could you create a 'step-by-step' procedure that we could use to replicate on our side as well?




      I have now also set up forwarding to my work email and Gmail account, will see how it looks when an email containing html comes in.
      (my test emails with an attachment and inline image did not get filtered by any receiver when It got forwarded)


        So I received an email yesterday Evening.

        On my Axigen Server: Shows up properly

        Forwarded to @Outlook: it gets attached as a .txt and .htm file.

        Forwarded to my Work Email: it gets attached as a .txt and .htm file.

        Forwarded to Gmail: shows up properly.



          Till you document a step-by-step procedure that allows you to replicate this issue let's change the current Action (that I understand it is Forward to ... + inline) to Redirect to ... + keep a copy and check if this problem still manifest.



            "Redirect to ... + keep a copy" appears to have resolved the issue, thank you.



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