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log X-Real-IP when behind reverse proxy

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    log X-Real-IP when behind reverse proxy

    Hi, is it possible for Axigen to write real client IPs in its logs when behing a reverse proxy?
    I.e. When the proxy adds an X-Real-IP header, I'd like for Axigen (e.g. Webmail) to log that instead of the proxy's address...


    Please know that currently this is not supported by current version of Axigen.

    Nevertheless, in order to encourage our customers and partners to influence Axigen's product evolution, as well as to measure the importance and popularity of specific requests among our customers, we've introduced the Axigen Product Community. The Product Community allows you to post new feature requests, as well as to vote on existing ones.

    We strongly believe in this method, which is why we've promoted it to become the "de facto" way to request new features. This is why we would like to ask you to post this feature request in the Product Community.

    Hope that helps,



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