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    Relay Denied From .....

    We have Axigen Setup and functioning as best we can. SSL certs DKIM and all mail is working. Today we had to add SMTP to our public cloud platform to enable emails be sent to customers upon provisioning however we receive the Relay Denied error in our server mail logs ( not from Axigen ) . I note there was a patch many years ago but the only way we could get it to send mail is if we created a rule to allow unauthenticated mail from this particular IP. Once we added that email worked fine. Why I ask ???

    In addition we have starttls setup but some mail clients complain that it is not enabled. I feel we have setup everything as we have spent hours perusing the docs and forum questions however there are these little issues that prevent us from comfortably purchasing a licence. As we are a medium sized business we are happy to purchase a licence and I have informed Gabriel of this however it would be far more easier and less time consuming to provide our working mail server and have the team resolve these issues as to be honest for $600USD per year we haven't the time to reach out for every little issue and provide logs.

    We are not asking to setup our mail server as we have already done so and mail is working but again it are these small issues such as the Relay Denied matter that we need resolved. I have even asked for an undertaking to assist us when we purchase a licence however you seem to be not willing to provide such undertaking. I believe that you can resolve these small issues in minutes rather than us spend hours providing logs ect. I personally quite like the features of Axigen but I have a business to run and it does not revolve around a mail server.

    I am happy to purchase a Business Complete licence ASAP once we get some type of undertaking that we can provide you with access to our server and these issues resolved.

    FYI another small issue is an error when trying to add whitelist domains to the antispam even though the system accepts it the error still appears. This is a perfect example of small issues as we do not know if the whitelist works or not as there is an error when adding but the system still allows us to add them.

    I would ask someone to assist us in fixing these issues as we plan on being a paid customer and will purchase a plan right now but as i said above no one is willing to commit to assisting us and again we haven't the time to continually provide logs.

    Benm: Hello,
    Thanks for your message!
    Your required configuration should be made to allow that specific IP to relay email through your axigen server un-authenticated. This can be done by adding a certain IP or IP range as being allowed to relay through your server without an authentication. See:

    The recommended approach is to configure all your external applications to submit emails via the Axigen SMTP interface only using authenticated SMTP Sessions.

    Your request for remote access is a service that we offer to our customers as a separate service from the License acquisition and I know that Gabriel has quoted you already such services based on your request.

    Any email server running on-prem has to have an email system administrator which can be either an in-house person, an part time role, or externalized to an MSP.

    Whitelisting a domain in the AntiSpam Configuration is documented here:

    You need to add '*'. Note the '*' before '@domain....'.

    Also, know that when you will purchase a commercial license, you will have direct access (as you do now during your trial period) to our support engineers. So you will not have to use the forum. The forum is dedicated mainly to supporting our Free License Edition Users on a best effort basis.



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