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Correct setup for acl rules

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    Correct setup for acl rules

    Hello. Sorry for my English.
    I want to know about correct setup for outgoing rules in free mail server. or about acl rules.


    Small office, 3 users. 3 accounts (a@office.mail, b@office.mail, c@office.mail)
    We have local domain (office.mail) and internet domain (
    99% messages are going through internet domain (
    1% messages we are using to receive some data to local users.
    if some incoming message appears on, mail server loads this message and forwards to all 3 local accounts.

    We are using external mail clients.
    e-mail address: and reply to:
    every mail client receive copy to other clients in office (for c@office.local - BCC to a@office.local, b@office.local)
    so we have 3 accounts with all messages on each mailbox. and without doubbling them.


    In some cases mail clients cant set bcc (Quick Reply) or Dont have function to automatic setting BCC such MAILBIRD.

    I made some rules in mail server to forwarding outgoing messages to other office mailboxes, but they are dont works.
    I understood that if we using external mailbox in message headers, mail server didnt catch that mails and didnt process any rules.

    Can u help me how to set up mail server to catch that e-mail and process them?

    Sorry again for my english/


    Please provide an example that does not work and your smtpFilters.script file so we could understand better your setup.

    Also it will help if you could confirm the Axigen and OS type and version you are using.



      I deleted them for now. I will do them again after some time and sent them to You. ok ?


        something about that.


          The only way that i understand to solve that problem is to use local e-mail adress in FROM field.
          And in rules change header FROM field to extertnal e-mail and do some actions.

          Do u have any ACL fields in rules condition?

          Do u have any built-in ACL Rules?
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            The rule seems fine - it will add 2 new local recipients when sending authenticated messages.

            Now, from your report I understand that you have tried to add external recipients (like addresses from domains not hosted on your server) and it does not work - is this correct?

            I have made a similar setup on one of our test instances and in my case the message was sent to the external recipient as well.

            Could you re-check and provide us the logs (SMTP-IN, PROCESSING and SMTP-OU) when you replicate this problem?

            Regarding ACL - I do not understand what you are reffering at as in our terminallogu ACL stands for Access Control List (related to administrative users).



              thank you for your replying.
              i will show you:
              Mailbird settings in attach
              if i use these settings (e-mail field and name) MailServer CANT catch this e-mail (string skob@aist.mail is only in auth field)
              i solve this problem only such a way (in attach)
              In e-mail field i am using local e-mail (skob@aist.local). Mail server can catch this e-mail and after that do some action with it.

              As for ACL - maybe u can insert "AUTHENTICATED USER" in condition ?
              so: if smtp_user = skob then do some action.



                Glad to hear you find a solution for your particular scenario.




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