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Client receives unnecessary error

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    Client receives unnecessary error


    I recently migrated one of my customers from Kerio to Axigen, migration went smoothly.

    As expected of course with new servers some things are different, at first the users see that it now takes longer for there Apple Mall client to deliver messages to the server.

    Then a User received error message as you see in screenshot. Because user did not know how to handle this message he called me.

    I know how to deal with the issue, so that is not the problem here. As far as I know I have not seen other mail servers act this way.

    The messages shown here indicates a problem between the client and the axigen server, which it is not. Therefore the axigen mailserver should first accept the message if it is properly adressed of course, then try to deliver it in the background and send a (non) delivery report if that fails. This is how it works in most mailservers.

    What is your opinion about this, is this configurable already ?


    Yes, this is configurable via WebAdmin > Security & Filtering > Acceptance & Routing > Basic Policies > Received messages > Wait for mail processing at most > change from default value (10 sec) to 0 sec.



      Hi Indreias,

      I changed the setting, and indeed no more obstructing error sheet, instead the well-know NDR from Mailer-Deamon




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