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SSL chiper suite string length

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    SSL chiper suite string length


    I'm trying to set up strong security for Axigen SSL listeners. For this, I want to set the chiper suite according to h_t_t_p_s:// ult.29

    Unfortunately, Axigen truncates this string to 253 characters (either from the webadmin interface or editing axigen.cfg directly (the string is truncated after restarting the listener)). Does anyone knows if this is a bug or a feature?

    Does anyone has a good value for chiper suite? (to get A grade on h_t_t_p_s://w w and enable Forward secrecy for all browsers)

    Sorry for this late response but your message was somehow missed by our moderators.

    In order to configure an optimized cipher suite please check the details included here.


      Thank you for your response. It seems that this problem was resolved in version 9 of the product (I think I've read something about this on the change log). I was able to get A also, but how about enabling HTTP Strict Transport Security for A+?



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