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Unable to change forum options

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    Unable to change forum options

    Is there some kind of validation process I need to go through to be able to change my personal options for this forum? I'm trying to set basic stuff like default topic subscription settings, but I seem to be locked out of most pages in my control panel!?

    Also, what is the requirement to be able to make posts without moderation?


    There should be no validation steps in order to change personal forum options.

    Could you be more specific in pointing out what option is not saved when you have changed it?

    Regarding your last question please note that accordingly with internal policies all user's posts are moderated.


      Hi Indreias,

      Whenever I go into user control panel options such as 'Edit Profile' I get the error:
      "You do not have permission to access this page"


        Thank you for pointing out this problem - it was corrected by one of our admins.

        Could you confirm if everything is OK now?


          Yes, that looks like it's all working now, thanks!



          This is the legacy Axigen forum, which is no longer active.

          To create new topics & posts, please visit the new Axigen community.

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