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Assistance with Setup of ClamAV and SpamAssin

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  • Assistance with Setup of ClamAV and SpamAssin

    Hi Community,

    I am a recent convert from Zentyal and am finding this server to be more polished, I run it as a small home mail server for me and my family (7 in total) so the free version works or suits just fine as we wont be exceeding that limit.

    However, with Zentyal I become used to ClamAV and SpamAssin being installed by default and configured in accordance to how they wanted to do it, and we just managed it through the web GUI.

    As I understand it with Axigen, this is not the case, and I have manually installed both of them.

    The problem I have is that there is no new tutorial on how to set this up on Ubuntu 16.X.X for either ClamAV and or SpamAssin.

    I was wondering if someone has done it already, and if so, if they would be kind enough to share that with me so I can configure it to work for me, I would rather not leave the mail server naked and without protection.

    I look forward to the community support, and I cross my fingers someone has done with, for teh more recent version 10.X of Axigen.



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    As you know there are several layers to be considered when fighting against spam. In parallel with AS and AV installation our advice is to enable SPF on MailFrom and to configure at least one DNSBL service (for example the free ones like zen.spamhaus.org or dnsbl.justspam.org).

    In case nobody will pop-up with some hints related to SpamAssassin and ClamAV installation/intergration with Axigen I'll do my best to guide you in this process.



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      Hi Indreias,

      I really appreciate your response, I had to quickly revert back to Zentyal last night after 14 hours of trying to get Axigen to work, I realised after awhile that you don't also get ActiveSync with the free version.

      It would have been awesome to have a "I'm A Home User" option or ability to upgrade to purchase ActiveSync and the paid Kapersky AV/AS.

      I will take your advice on SPFand play around with it.

      I hope someone has a new tutorial on how to integrate ClamAV and SpamAssin, that is a key missing tutorial for this amazing product.




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        Indreias....hi, nobody have poped in with any tips. I had it working with Spamassassin before but now it cant connect. No problem with ClamAV. I tried reinstalling Spamassassin but no success and no tips from the forums have helped.
        Would you giva a hint to make Axigen connect with Spamassassin?

        Thank you in advance and kind regards.