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How to completely deactivate Commtouch and Spamassassin

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    How to completely deactivate Commtouch and Spamassassin

    we are still using Axigen 8.1.0 as an internal mailserver in one of our branch offices. The box will not be updated to version X, because the internal structure will change very soon and this box isn't needed anymore, then.
    For the box doesn't need any spam/av-services i wanted to completely de-activate spamd and commtouch, which are seeming to be active, although the license expired and the services are disabled in the WebAdmin Interface (?).
    I can still see spamd active in processes and commtouch obviousely contacts different commtouch servers - i can see the traffic in our firewall.

    Question: (How) Can i completely deactivate spamd and commtouch?

    I've tried removing both service names ("spamd" + "commtouch") from /etc/init.d/axigenfilters ==> DAEMONS = "..." variable. But that doesn't do the trick, seemingly (see screenshots). On starting ./axigenfilters restart there are error messages.
    How would i do it right?

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    Please stop and disable axigenfilters service as its only role is to start any 3rd party daemons needed for AV / AS filtering.

    This could be achieved on RHEL based Linux distributions by running the following commands:
    service axigenfilters stop
    chkconfig axigenfilters off


      Hi Ioan,

      that worked like a charm. The services are disabled now. Thanks a lot!

      For all those using Ubuntu (we use 14 LTS on that box), use:

      service axigenfilters stop
      to stop the services - like described above - and

      update-rc.d axigenfilters disable
      to disable them in startup scripts; or force to completely remove the services from the startup scripts like this (be careful!):

      update-rc.d -f axigenfilters remove