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NDR (Non-Delivery Message) & backscatter

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    NDR (Non-Delivery Message) & backscatter


    We occasionally get placed on a black list because of backscatter. After being directed to "" I read the following:

    "Email servers should be configured to provide Non-Delivery Reports (bounces) to local users only. Unacceptable email from anywhere else should be rejected.

    If you send NDRs (bounces) to innocent people out there, this is considered abusive because it can amount to a DDOS."

    So, I attempted to NOT send an NDR for email messages that:
    1) Had a delivery failure; and
    2) Had a local email recipient

    I am unable to create such a filter. Can you assist me with this please?



    Please know that the requested filter could not be created from Axigen WebAdmin.

    Our recommendation is to understand why are you in a situation to send backscatter emails and this could be done only by analysing the Axigen logs.

    Nevertheless, there are 2 known situations when backscatter could occured:

    1/ During migration >> when Axigen will accept messages for any recipients from that domain(s) - in this case it is recommended to temporarily disable both NDR types (temporary and permanent failures) in Axigen

    2/ If the "wait for mail processing" parameter (WebAdmin > Security & Filtering > Acceptance basic settings > Basic policies) is set to 0 or to a value smaller than usual processing time for your particular system (usual this parameter should be somehwere between 10 and 15 secconds).

    If you are in none of these cases please share the Axigen relevant logs (SMTP-IN, PROCESSING and SMTP-OUT services should be configured with log level set to Protocol Level) so we could check the source of the problem.




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