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[HOW-TO] Setup the Apache 1.3 + mod-proxy + WebMail

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    [HOW-TO] Setup the Apache 1.3 + mod-proxy + WebMail

    [HOW-TO] Setup the Apache 1.3 + mod-proxy + WebMail

    First you need to make sure you have correctly installed Apache 1.3.x and the Axigen mail server.
    We recommend using version 1.3.x of the Apache software because of a few the keep alive issues reported with Apache 2.x.

    With everything set up, we will use the following setup as an example:

    - One Apache server ( that will server as the proxy. We will call this machine the "proxy".
    - One separate Axigen server that will forward the WebMail to the proxy. We will call this machine the "webmail".
    - We will use the webmail's IP as as to point out in the configuration example the exact values that need changing.

    There is no configuration needed for the WebMail interface other than having it running on an accessible port. We will use the default port 8000 in the following examples.

    DNS configuration

    We will use the test domain "" in our examples. We aim th set up so for this we need to have a CNAME entry in the forward zone of the DNS server that resembles:

    webmail      CNAME      www
    This will make accessible at the same IP address used for the page. This will be possible because of the VHOST sections in the httpd.conf file.

    Apache configuration

    You must have the proxy module loaded for the proxy related directives to work. Then, in the configuration file "httpd.conf" make sure you have the following:

    NameVirtualHost *:80
    The above option will enable virtual hosting for all the interfaces. Next make sure you enter the following VHOST entry so that the webmail interface is accessible:

    <VirtualHost *:80>
        ProxyPass /
        ProxyPassReverse /
        RewriteEngine On
        ErrorLog logs/
        CustomLog logs/ common
    The address:
    should be replaced by the address you use to host your Axigen webmail interface. You should also replace the "" domain with your own domain name.

    Save the file and restart your Apache web server to test the configuration.

    Now, using a browser go to the "" and log into the now available webmail interface.
    Ciprian NEGRILA,
    Technical Consultant, AXIGEN

    Impossible to access Axigen via Apache Proxy (it seems)


    IMHO Axigen webmail (and eventually) should be accessed from within the domain website using (apache) proxy, preferable using SSL.

    remark: I changed the url's below to be able to post this mail (urg .... !! terrible Sorry for the inconvenience)

    I spend days(!) trying to get that working, trying with all kind of logical and also strange apache setups using apache 2.2 and 2.4. At the end of





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