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I Cant Receive and send Email From/to researchgate.net

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  • I Cant Receive and send Email From/to researchgate.net

    i use axigen mail address from my unversity but I Cant Receive and send Email From/to researchgate.net
    help please

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    Please contact you university support team and ask them why you could not send messages to the mentioned domain.

    From here we could not help you (as the end-user) but your university admin.


    PS: In the mean time I have tried to connect to their MX gateway and it seems they are rejecting sessions based on blacklists maintained by pbl.spamhaus.org .

    This should indicate that maybe your university email server is blacklisted in the mentioned list OR maybe they are blacklisting your country IPs. My suggestion, besides addressing this issue to your university network support team, is to create a free / alternate email email account (like on Gmail, Yahoo, FastMail, etc) and try to send your message using that account.

    telnet mxlb.ispgateway.de 25
    Connected to mxlb.ispgateway.de.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    550-IP x.x.x.x is blacklisted (pbl.spamhaus.org). Help at/Hilfe unter
    550 www.mfaq.info
    Connection closed by foreign host.


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      Hello.I installed the Axigen Mail Server trial on one of our Windows 2008 R2 servers. Mail server is installed, accounts created and the webmail interface is kinda accessible. I can even connect to the mail server from Outlook.

      The problem thus far however is that I cannot send or receive any mail. Mail sent to the account is never received and mail sent from the account, gets stuck in the queue with a "Send Failure" status. Clicking on the Info button next to the error gives the fail-info as "Domain Lookup error".


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        Please check your Axigen logs to get any hints related to the mentioned issues.

        1. for not receiving >> my guess is that is a problem with the MX record of your domain // OR // a firewall issue that prevents your server to receive incoming messages (on port TCP 25).

        2. for not sending with error "Domain Lookup error" >> my guess is that your DNR service si not configured with the correct DNS servers so Axigen could not get the MX record(s) of the destination domain.