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WEebmail over https using letsencrypt

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  • casn
    started a topic WEebmail over https using letsencrypt

    WEebmail over https using letsencrypt

    Dear all,
    I wanted my homesite to become more secure so decided to install letsencrypt. For my website all works ok.
    Clearly also wanted to have my webmail functioning via HTTPS.
    Some background: I am running Axigen X2 on an Ubutu 16.04.3 platform, all patches are up to date.
    So I did the following
    1. Added a listener to webmail on port 8443 and enabled SSL for this port
    2. Added the path to the letsencrypt certificate (tied both cert.pem and fullchain.pem) but get the message certificate not valid or path not found. So I cannot save the settings. The certificates are stored in a directory witt 0777 settings so access as such should not be a problem.
    If i add the Axigen certificate (/var/opt/axigen/axigen_cert.pem), it works fine which means I can save the settings. I can indeed access the webmail over HTTPS form within the network but not over the web.
    Can anyone enlighten me what I am doing wrong here, how to get the letsencrypt certificate to be accepted?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • indreias

    All you have to do is to write the full path of the cert.pem into the Certificate File field and the full path for fullchain.pem file into Certificate authorities file filed.

    After that please restart WebMail service and all should be fine. If you still have problems double check the certificate into an incognito browser session.


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