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Firefox support with Ajax UI?

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    Firefox support with Ajax UI?


    I am new to Axigen, just getting started.

    I normally use Firefox, I noticed that the Ajax UI seems to hung, and then in Chrome it works fine.

    The problems I am experimenting are.

    - Stuck at Loading 100%
    - It will not send emails. hitting send will apply the shadow to the button, but nothing happens.

    Other things such as logout take a long time...

    I was wondering what the status of the Ajax UI is (Beta, Stable, etc) and whether Firefox is supported or not.

    In contract the WebAdmin UI works pretty good so does the non Ajax version of the Webmail.


    Could you please confirm the Axigen version you are using (I assume you are on 10.2.2 but nor sure if you have installed the latest patches as well).
    Also please let us know the OS and the Firefox version you are using when connecting to the WebMail interface.



      I have just done the Docker installation by the book.

      effectively the reported version is 10.2.2

      I use Fedora(29) and Latest firefox... it updates almost every week or so.


        Actually, after getting the basic functionality working with a desktop client, Webmail on Firefox is working.

        I thought the natural thing would be to test with webmail as I configure the server, but it seems that misconfiguration of the server will block the webmail instead of providing clean errors.



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