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Filtered emails folder in Thunderbird?

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    Filtered emails folder in Thunderbird?

    Hi! Sorry if this question is under the wrong section...

    Personally having never used Thunderbird before, I got a question from a client who wants to keep using it after switching to Axigen:

    How does the filtered emails folder work in thunderbird? I myself use the axigen interface and regularly check the filtered emails folder, but how does this said client make sure she does see every mail that she receives? Thanks!


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Please know that Thunderbird is a mail client just like WebMail.

    As you can find the emails that are received in the Filtered Email folder from WebMail, you can do the same in Thunderbird (you will notice the Filtered Email folder there to).

    All folders/messages available in the WebMail interface are available for any other mail client.

    Thank you.


      Like you said on chat, posting this here for other to see:
      I figured it out. In thunderbird Right click on imap mail account name and select 'Subscribe'. I had Filtered folder unchecked, now it works

      Thanks for letting me know that you found the solution to your specific scenario.



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