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Version 10.0.0 - Celebrating 10 years with Axigen X

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    Version 10.0.0 - Celebrating 10 years with Axigen X

    Today we have released Axigen X and here what's new, in short:
    • IPv6 support
    • Attachments filtering
    • Multiple webmail themes
    • User archiving in "Year" or "Year-Month" subfolders
    • Multiple signatures
    • New "Undo" option for move, copy & delete
    • Week number display in calendar views
    • More "Mark as read" options
    • Mac OS X compatible keyboard shortcuts
    • Mobile WebMail redesign
    • Server Name Indication
    • Custom webmail branding
    • Contacts avatars and Gravatar integration
    • Localized IMAP special folders (LIST, XLIST)
    • Sort by flag & sort by size options in the mail list
    • Multi-language login page with language auto detect
    • Choose the sender from a drop-down when writing emails on behalf of someone else
    And much more...

    See it all including the free license details and full release notes
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