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Increase efficiency with Axigen 7.6 & Instant Messaging

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    Increase efficiency with Axigen 7.6 & Instant Messaging

    What's new in 7.6?
    We have made it possible for IT administrators & managers to be more efficient via newly-introduced CLI features such as:
    • Built-in support for incremental backup, for faster backup operations
    • Automatic update of the Outlook Connector on users' work stations
    • Administrative commands for purging messages from specific folders

    What's extra?
    • An Instant Messaging service that can be accessed from the Ajax WebMail
    • Localization support for the WebAdmin interface of Axigen
    • Back: Outlook Connector for MS Outlook 2003 (without technical support)

    For more information on what's changed with 7.6, please visit the Release History & Product Releases sections on our website.

    To download the new 7.6 release of the Axigen mail server & Outlook Connector, please access the dedicated Downloads Area.

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