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Version 10.2.2 - Axigen X2 Update 2

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    Version 10.2.2 - Axigen X2 Update 2

    Today we have released Axigen X2 Update 2 and here what's new, in short:
    • TNEF Messages Decoder (dedicated to winmail.dat attachments)
    • Change password at next login
    • Set password expiration date
    • Disable logins using aliases
    • WebAdmin: Create & manage public Calendars, Tasks, Notes, or Contacts folders.
    • WebAdmin: Keep the left menu sticky when navigating from one section to another.
    • WebMail: Create new event, task, or note from emails, via right click or drag-and-drop.
    • WebMail: Duplicate existing calendar events with a simple right click.
    • Configure Axigen Migrator directly from WebAdmin
    • New VMware template - speed up and automate your deployments
    • Improved Outlook Connector

    Plus over 100 enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

    See it all and full release notes (including upgrade info)

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