Custom login page for Webmail

How to create custom login pages for each domain hosted by AXIGEN based on the hostname used to access the Webmail interface.


To enable differentiated Webmail login screens for each of your domains you should have the proper hostnames pointing to the machine running AXIGEN Mail Server. These hostnames should be associated with the domains for which you want customized Webmail login page.

Domains example1.tld and example2.tld are hosted by AXIGEN. Hostnames mail.example1.tld and mail.example2.tld need to point to the machine running AXIGEN Mail Server, in your DNS configuration settings.

In order to configure AXIGEN to use custom HSP login pages for one domain, from Webadmin interface go to Domains & Accounts menu, Manage Domains menu, click Edit on the desired domain to enter the Domain Configuration context.
In the General tab you will find the host headers field under "Display domain's specific login page for requests made with the following host headers" text. Write the desired hostname in the host headers field, click Add and Save Configuration to make changes permanent.

For domain example1.tld you can write mail.example1.tld in the host header field and click Add. After the addition of the mail.example.tld host header, the HSP and CSS files mentioned below will be used as login page for Webmail interface, when accessed with hostname mail.example1.tld:

2. For a second domain example2.tld you can write mail.example2.tld in the host header field and click Add. After the addition of the mail.example2.tld host header the HSP and CSS files mentioned below will be used as login page for Webmail  inteface, when accessed with hostname mail.example2.tld.

The HSP and CSS files mentioned above will not be automatically created. You need to create these files in the axigen/webmail path and reload the AXIGEN service in order for the files to be read. Also note that after each change you make in these files, a reload action of the AXIGEN service may be required for the changes to take effect.

In the /var/opt/axigen/webmail/ path you can find some HSP pages with their respective CSS files that can be used as examples to create your own Webmail interface login screen. The files are:
(login_standard.hsp and login_standard.css is used by default as login page)



The path to the axigen directory is related to the OS distribution used on the machine running AXIGEN Mail Server. For Linux and UNIX (Solaris) distributions the path is /var/opt/axigen and for BSD distributions the path is /var/axigen
OS: LinuxFreeBSDOpenBSDNetBSDSolaris
Releases: Axigen 5..xAxigen 6..xAxigen 6.1.x
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