How to install CYREN (Commtouch) version 5.00.0084 on FreeBSD 9.2 x64

This article describes how to install CYREN (Commtouch) version 5.00.0084 on FreeBSD 9.2 x64


The archive containing the CYREN kit is available at the following link:

The commtouch.afsl file to be used with this kit is available at:

The steps below can be used to install Cyren:

  • Download and extract the archive containing the new CYREN (Commtouch) kit and download the new commtouch.afsl file.

  • Change the current working directory to the 'bin' subdirectory of the folder extracted from the CYREN (Commtouch) kit archive, i.e.
    cd /root/ctasd/ctasd-5.00.0084-freebsd9-x86_64/bin/ — where ctasd-5.00.0084-freebsd9-x86_64 is the folder extracted from the archive

  • Copy the ctasd binary
    cp ctasd.bin /usr/local/axigen/bin/

  • Copy the ctasd.conf file and set its ownership
    cp ctasd.conf /usr/local/axigen/etc/
    chown axigen:axigen /usr/local/axigen/etc/ctasd.conf

  • Create the lib directory and copy the library
    mkdir /usr/local/axigen/lib
    cp /usr/local/axigen/lib

  • Edit the initscript as below:
    vi /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
    The beginning of the file will be modified as below:

    # rcscript for supported BSD systems, multiple daemons
    # Copyright (c) since 2005, Axigen Messaging
    # For any feedback, please contact:
    # "AXIGEN Team" <>

    # Default variables
    DAEMONS="spamd commtouch"

    DAEMON_NAME_spamd="SpamAssassin Bundle"

    DAEMON_NAME_commtouch="Commtouch AntiSpam"
    DAEMON_OPTIONS_commtouch="-c /usr/local/axigen/etc/ctasd.conf --pid /var/axigen/run/"


  • Edit the ctasd.conf file and modify the following sections as described below:
    vi /usr/local/axigen/etc/ctasd.conf


    License_key_code = your_Commtouch_license_key_code_here
    Server_address =


    Note: you will need to copy your CYREN (Commtouch) license key code from the old ctasd.conf file




  • Rename the current commtouch.afsl file
    cd /var/axigen/filters/
    mv commtouch.afsl commtouch.afsl-renamed

  • Copy the new commtouch.afsl to /var/axigen/filters/

  • Set the ownership of the file to the axigen system user
    chown axigen:axigen /var/axigen/filters/commtouch.afsl

  • Start the CYREN (Commtouch) service:
    /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start

  • Restart the Axigen service to load the new commtouch.afsl file
Applies to
Releases: Axigen 9..xAxigen 10..x
Distros: FreeBSD 9.2 amd64