How to integrate Axigen with Avast Core Security for Linux

This article describes how to use Avast Core Security for Linux as an AntiVirus filter in Axigen.


For more information about Avast Core Security for Linux please see the product information available at:

  1. Axigen expects to communicate with Avast via the local socket available at /var/run/avast4/local.sock. In order to configure Avast to use this socket you may use the steps below:
    • Edit the Avast configuration file available at: /etc/avast/avast.conf and modify its content as below:
      # cat /etc/avast/avast.conf
      ; Avast configuration file
      ; Below are all available configuration options and their default values. Only
      ; the options in the OPTIONS section can be changed at runtime.
      ; RUN_DIR = "/var/run/avast"
      RUN_DIR = "/var/run/avast4"
      ; TEMP_DIR = "/tmp"
      ; DATA_DIR = "/var/lib/avast"
      ; SOCKET = "/var/run/avast/scan.sock"

      SOCKET = "/var/run/avast4/local.sock"

      ; LICENSE = "/etc/avast/license.avastlic"
      ; SUBMIT = "/var/lib/avast/Setup/submit"
      ; [OPTIONS]
      ; CREDENTIALS = 0
      ; STATISTICS = 1
      ; HEURISTICS = 1

    • Create the file /etc/sysconfig/avast containing the following two lines:

  2. In order for Axigen to correctly communicate with Avast Core Security for Linux, the avast-av.afsl file used needs to be the one available at the link below. This file is already included in the Axigen X kit, therefore if you use Axigen X you do not need to replace the avast-av.afsl file. If you are using an earlier version of Axigen then the existing avast-av.afsl file needs to be replaced with the one available at the link:
    • Rename the file: /var/opt/axigen/filters/avast-av.afsl for example to avast-av.afsl-renamed
    • Copy the new avast-av.afsl file to the /var/opt/axigen/filters/ directory and set its ownership to the axigen system user with the command: chown axigen:axigen /var/opt/axigen/filters/avast-av.afsl
    • Restart the Axigen service
    • Navigate into the Webadmin interface to Security & Filtering -> AntiVirus & AntiSpam -> Supported Applications
    • Confirm that the filter named AVAST-LOCAL is reported as available and click the Enable button next to it to enable this filter
    • Send a test message to a local account and confirm that the message is received and it contains the X-AxigenVirus-Level message header
Applies to
Releases: Axigen 9..xAxigen 10..x
OS: Linux
Distros: RPM based distrosDEB based distrosUbuntu