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5 Benefits of Containerization — Limitless Computing Speed and Agility

Dec 15, 2021  •  6 min. read

Learn five benefits of containerization for your organization and the benefits of deploying a mail server into a Docker container.

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Cloud Native Applications: Creating a Mail Server Environment with Docker

Jun 15, 2020  •  10+ min. read

We’ve all been there. You’ve read a lot about the basics of Docker, Kubernetes, Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments & more. The different parts that are used to build cloud native applications. Now, you’re looking for a practical example where you can connect all the parts together. That’s exactly the purpose of these articles.

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10 Reasons Axigen Is A Better Alternative Than Postfix (Or Any Other Mail Transfer Agent)

Apr 16, 2020  •  6 min. read

Email is by far the most popular internet service today. It’s a critical component of any company, from SMBs to enterprises, from those using it for internal purposes, to service providers who need a multi-tenant email solution.  However, configuring a mail transfer agent (MTA) is not as fun. And if you’re using a service like Postfix, you might find it complicated and non-intuitive.

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