The new Axigen 10 years of axigen

Celebrating 10 years of Axigen with the first 64-bit only Axigen version and a lot of awesome new features and improvements


Mobile WebMail

Improved access from your mobile phone — plus view body snippets, add attachments, and configure out-of-office messages.

And a whole lot of awesomeness

We’ve put a huge amount of work in improving your Axigen experience, and we’re sure you’re going to love it

Multiple WebMail themes to choose from

Custom WebMail branding — applicable to all interfaces

User archiving in "Year" or "Year-Month" subfolders

Sender initials, contact avatars, and Gravatar integration.

New ”undo” option for move, copy, and delete operations.

Multiple signatures with images, up to 1 MB in total size.

Choose the sender from a drop-down when writing on someone’s behalf.

Multi-language login page with language auto detection

Experience it live


Plus more built-in convenience

Our goal with Axigen X is to make your life easier, which is why we’ve included a few new helping hands

Server Name Indication

You can now host multiple SSL enabled virtual hosts on a single IP, each one with its own certificate, via SNI.

Attachments filtering

Reject or replace attachments of incoming emails containing attachments with specific extensions or naming patterns.

Brand each domain

Configure the logos and brand name to be displayed in the WebMail for each domain. The branding will be preserved on future upgrades.

Automatic HTTPS redirect

To enforce SSL connections, you can now configure the WebMail login page to redirect automatically from HTTP to HTTPS.

Public Folder recipients filtering

Extend your Kaspersky antivirus / anti-spam filtering to public folder recipients, by simply allocating a license seat for each recipient.

64-bit Kaspersky

The Kaspersky antivirus and anti-spam SDKs now run in 64-bit, thus eliminating the need for admins to install 32-bit compatible libraries.

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