Axigen Your Axigen experience times two

Targeting admins and end-users alike, the new Axigen X2 aims to make things simpler, richer, and much more refreshing than ever before.

TNEF Messages Decoder
— winmail.dat attachments —

Even in 2018, we know that TNEF encoded emails are still an issue for a lot of your end-users, so we’re shipping this update with our brand new Axigen TNEF Decoder, so that you don't have to integrate other third parties for decoding.

Change password
at next login

Require users to change their password the next time they login.

Set password
expiration date

New password expiration option — specific date.

Disable logins
using aliases

New CLI option to prevent users from logging in with aliases.


Create & manage public Calendars, Tasks, Notes, or Contacts folders.

Create new event
Create new task
Create new note


Create new event, task, or note from emails, via right click or drag-and-drop.


Duplicate existing calendar events with a simple right click.

Configure from WebAdmin

You can now configure Axigen Migrator directly from WebAdmin, thus eliminating the need to edit its config file separately.

New VMware template

To allow you to speed up and automate your deployments, we’re now making available a new VMware template based on CentOS.

Coming soon

Improved Outlook Connector

The Axigen X2 Update 2 Outlook Connector includes major performance improvements and will be released in the coming weeks.

Enhancements & bug fixes

Over 100 fixes and performance improvements for all server components, as well as Axigen Migrator and Outlook Connector.

Check out the new Axigen X2 Update 2