Coming with a lot of new and exciting stuff, Axigen iX addresses both end users and administrators and is the first step in the evolution of Axigen from your friendly email server to a modern collaboration platform.

The new iX WebMail

HTML5 web app.
Year 2015 look & feel

WebMail iX is a fully revamped, modern web client, containing numerous improvements and a newly introduced, default Archive folder, for convenience in quickly storing older emails.

Add images to emails

We know users want to personalize their emails, which is why from iX they can drag and drop – or even paste – images directly to the email body.

Archive older messages

Hitting the newly introduced Archive button will move the selected messages to the special Archive folder, which is created by default for all users.

Choose from more fonts

Numerous end users asked us to make more fonts available when composing. We listened and added more popular fonts, such as Comic Sans, Georgia or Calibri.

Calendar improvements

We’ve enhanced the usability of the calendar views, now making it possible to easily select multiple cells – using click & drag or the keyboard – and add new events.

Fresh WebAdmin look, CardDAV support & more

Same reliable WebAdmin. New smiley face.

We’ve reshaped the WebAdmin theme, so that it gets aligned to the new Axigen logo & brand image, which we gradually started to unveil at the end of last year and we will fully roll out by the end of 2015.

Think contacts.
Sync contacts.

The new, CardDAV based, contacts sync functionality is included by default in all Axigen editions and support Android, iOS and OS X.

Test it by using your demo account credentials and axigenmail­­.com/Contacts as the CardDAV server.

On our way to super fast searches

We all need to quickly find the info we're looking for. That’s why, in Axigen iX, we’ve made some improvements to our search indexing, and also included a handful of new CLI commands for admins to manage the indexes. This is only the first step to boosting the search speed & accuracy, as we will take even more steps in the next versions to come.