Implementation with Romania's Second Largest Portal

Client Industry and Focus (Romania Online) is one of the most trafficked portals, with over 200,000 daily hits and one of the largest free Webmail providers, with more then 140,000 mailboxes hosted. The company behind this portal, ROL Online Network, specializes in web solutions and hosting services.

Their focus is to grow their business by providing advanced hosting services. ROL Online Network are looking to expand their current Webmail user and free hosting user base. By providing a faster, more effective Webmail service, ROL Online Network aims at maintaining their position in traffic rankings and attracting hosting service users. Apart from, ROL Online Network hosts 9 other domains providing Webmail and hosting services.

Being one of the first Romanian web portals (online since 1998) benefits from great popularity among Romanian users.

Client Challenge

Due to intensive Webmail use, amounting to more than 300,000 emails per day and several thousands of emails per hour, was facing message delivery delays, resulting in a high number of emails placed in the mail queue. It was obvious that the current solution processing speed was not up to an email traffic with several activity peaks daily.

That's why decided to switch from an Open source solution, based on several applications to AXIGEN Mail Server, an integrated commercial solution that could provide the desired processing power and effectiveness, while ensuring full security and anti-spam / antivirus protection.

AXIGEN Solution

The AXIGEN technical support team got involved in every step of the process, starting from analyzing previous system configuration and technical requirements for the new system.

The conclusion was that no additional hardware was needed, although the new solution could accommodate more domains and accounts than currently needed, allowing thus plenty of room for expansion. AXIGEN supports a virtually unlimited number of domains, without requiring important hardware investments.

This is mainly because AXIGEN is an integrated service server, which installs all main services (SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Webmail, List server) from one executable. Moreover, it can run modularly, with any of these services inhibited at domain, server or mail account level. Thus the AXIGEN technical team could easily implement a dedicated SMTP and Webmail server: no resources are wasted on services not used currently, while it is perfectly possible to activate additional services (POP3, IMAP) at any time.

Seamless Migration and Custom Solutions

The installation and migration process, including domain and account data migration went really smoothly and was totally transparent to the users. "The AXIGEN Tech Team helped us all the way. They did not stick to just doing their job, they helped us figure out exactly what we need and even expanded their current solution to fit our requirements", said Alina Nemes, General Manager. The tech team reshaped the whole AXIGEN Webmail interface, in order to make it similar to the old login page and integrate logo and banner support.

The migration process has yielded multiple benefits both for administrators and end users. One of these benefits became visible right after the migration: the mail processing queue was down from 75000 to 500 messages stored simultaneously on the server. Also, the server load average was about 5 times lower than previously. These results were achieved thanks to AXIGEN innovative storage system, which optimizes disk space usage and ensures an effective mail flow.

"The 75 000 messages waiting to be sent and the high server load were often resulting in server downtime. Now, thanks to AXIGEN innovative architecture and effective filtering system, we no longer have to deal with this kind of situations. But most importantly, this implementation caused no server downtime and our users didn't feel it at all", added Alina Nemes.

High Configurability for each Hosted Domain

AXIGEN also provided the configurability needed for a free Webmail and hosting provider managing 10 different domains. Using AXIGEN web-based configuration interface, WebAdmin, system administrators can easily adjust the look and feel of Webmail accounts and fine tune domain and account specific settings (mailbox quota, attachment size limit, mail size limit, session idle & activity timeout, maximum number of messages sent per hour by one account, etc.)

AXIGEN also provides an integrated list server, a highly critical tool for hosting providers such as, having to send various newsletters to users belonging to different domains or interest groups.

Flexible, Effective Antispam and Antivirus Integration

Another key concern of was the growing spam levels in user mailboxes and security threats posed by viruses. AXIGEN provided integration with open source anti-spam / antivirus applications (ClamAV and Spamassassin) which entailed no additional costs and ensured an effective protection for webmail users.

Additionally, AXIGEN provides a script interface which can connect to external custom filters (SIEVE based content filters) and implements a filtering socket language that ensures integration with any third party Antivirus or Antispam application, either commercial or open source. Thus, have unlimited possibilities for the future as to the choice of additional security solutions.

"We proved our ability to replace on short notice and in due time a highly complex Open Source solution. Our transparent data migration process made it possible for to keep their website and services up and running throughout the migration process. It's the first demonstration of our mail server capabilities, which can handle without problems email activity in tens of thousands of mailboxes and an impressive daily traffic" said Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO.


AXIGEN is a professional messaging solution, providing unique configuration possibilities and modular, integrated services. Developed by GECAD TECHNOLOGIES over the past three years, AXIGEN is the product of a dedicated team with an extensive experience on the IT security and messaging market. Commercially released in Fall 2005, AXIGEN Mail Server is currently distributed worldwide through 20 international partners and powers mail traffic in over 400,000 mailboxes. AXIGEN is looking to impose its technological innovations and cost-effective solutions in the Small Medium Business and Hosting Service Provider sectors worldwide.