Implementing AXIGEN at McCormick Philippines, Inc

Brief Company Profile

Established in 1992, McCormick Philippines, Inc. manufactures and markets spices, seasoning and flavor and specialty food. McCormick products are processed and sold nationwide, servicing all segments of the food industry - retail, food service/catering and food processors. The consistent call for excellence and the "power of the people" have made McCormick name synonymous with quality around the world.

Initial Email Scenario

McCormick Philippines initially used the Postfix email server for their electronic mail. The decision to look for a new messaging solution mainly came as a result of the company’s pressing needs to solve and further prevent security issues such as the growing number of virus threats and spam messages.

"Due to the fact that McCormick is an international brand, our domain,, is well-known into the Internet world. Our popularity makes us vulnerable to spam and system viruses. With our previous system, we kept on receiving a bulk of spam mails every day. Also, maintenance was difficult for our IT personnel with no background in Linux", says Christopher Eslava, IT Manager, McCormick Philippines, Inc.

Switching to AXIGEN

Following a thorough research, McCormick Philippines Inc. installed and tested the AXIGEN Mail Server. Key issues such as the ease of installation and migration, server administration options and security features were all taken into account. The AXIGEN local partner in the Philippines, IPSYSTEMS, Inc. provided complete assistance throughout the testing procedures, and then full migration to the AXIGEN Business Edition.

Benefits of Using AXIGEN

  • The Integration with Open Source AntiVirus and AntiSpam Software
    AXIGEN’s extensive range of security features includes support for multiple AntiVirus and AntiSpam scanners. Moreover, AXIGEN integrates directly with open-source applications such as ClamAV and SpamAssassin, thus making AXIGEN an even more affordable solution, while also providing the needed level of security. Starting with version 5.0 of AXIGEN, the SpamAssassin application has been bundled into the AXIGEN installation kit, to further ease its use.

  • In WebAdmin, the AXIGEN Web Administration console, system administrators can enable several security applications at the same time, or set a supplementary protection for specific resources, such as a domain or account which are more exposed to the public, and thus to security threats. Additional AntiSpam methods include the creation of blacklists and whitelists, sender and message validations, DNS Checks, Country Filtering and much more.

  • Effective Server Administration and Configuration Options
    The AXIGEN WebAdmin provides system administrators with full control over the AXIGEN services, both locally and remotely. Configuration of specific parameters is easy and secure, within an user friendly interface, with contextual help and links for faster access to all functions: services management, creation of server domains, user accounts, security applications, processing, charts and statistics to monitor, logs, back-up and restore, account classes etc. With WebAdmin, server maintenance is also rendered simple and secure. Critical operations such as storage content upgrades can be set to automatic, helping save time and overall costs. 

  • Easy Server Maintenance Procedures
    AXIGEN customers benefit from highly flexible and cost-effective licensing terms, for both product updates and upgrades. As long as they have a valid license key, updating to the latest release of their AXIGEN version is free of charge, which enables them to benefit from the newly-available functionalities for their product at no extra-costs. Procedures for upgrading to another AXIGEN product, or integrating any of the available AXIGEN add-ons are transparent and based on a “Pay what you use” policy.

    Regarding the AXIGEN technical assistance, users can choose from several technical support packs, standard or customized, according to their needs. The FIRsT Support pack, for example, mainly ensures 24x7 assistance by email for major server operations such as installation, migration, configuration, troubleshooting etc. This pack is free of charge within the first year of using AXIGEN, and then only 25% of the license fee, as an yearly subscription.
"AXIGEN Mail server is very easy to maintain that even my staff who has no background in Linux can install and administer it. The Web administration feature is very beneficial to us", says Christopher Eslava, IT Manager,  McCormick Philippines, Inc.


Established in 2001, Gecad Technologies SA, member of the GECAD Group, is the vendor of AXIGEN, a messaging solution for professionals that ensures an efficient and secure worldwide communication environment and business growth for both service providers and companies of all sizes. Currently, AXIGEN is distributed internationally by over 150 partners from 80 countries and manages email traffic for more than 10,000 companies with 6 million end-users.

Our team of seasoned professionals, with 15 years of experience in messaging and IT security delivers cutting-edge products, by developing an innovative carrier-class technology based on proprietary architectures such as AXIGEN GrowSecureTM, AXIGEN SmartProcessingTM and AXIGEN UltraStorageTM. For more information, please visit: