Need a Mail System? Look No Further than AXIGEN

Switching to AXIGEN

AXIGEN Mail Server, running on Linux, is fast and problem free. I have worked in computing for a little under twenty years and have used a variety of mail systems from rock solid UNIX mail to the not so rock solid Microsoft Exchange.

AXIGEN makes the rock solid UNIX mail an easily deployable solution for whatever size your company is and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking to host their own mailing system. You don't have to be a technical guru to install this system, their Technical Support team will lead you through all aspects of configuration and help with the odd stupid question without compromise!

Why Change to AXIGEN?

Logging Services
Log files, reporting, who's doing what. As it's a *nix system, everything is logged and if you know the basics of UNIX you'll find everything you need to know from queue data, dodgy emails, sent, received etc. Even if you don't have a clue about *nix systems, there are the AXIGEN Technical Support team and the forum.

Plagued by Spam? Let's face it, who isn't? We used to have our mail hosted with an ISP and Spam was a huge problem, even with their Brightmail anti-spam running - now, no problem! Simple, really. AXIGEN running with the default configuration of SpamAssassin and ClamAV pretty much wiped that out overnight. Okay, so we perhaps get a few spam email, but 99% of them are the kind that is more email marketing and not Viagra, Rolex watches and Diploma’s.

Technical Support
Technical Support, free for the first year... does not compute in this era of commercial money grabbing companies; you're thinking it'll be no use whatsoever, you'll wait... and wait... NO, NO, NO - *Technical Support from AXIGEN is simply EXCELLENT*

I have used the Technical Support team quite a bit and the speed of response via email was quicker than fetching a cup of coffee - so, no rest - get that system up and running! The emails I have received on my queries were clear and concise, told me exactly what I wanted to know without fuss. They can even replicate your system on their test rig to give the absolute best solution to your query! Brilliant! I'll be paying for the service next year and even that is cheap, no rip-offs here. Just an excellent, efficient service - what can I say? I can't fault their team, so thank you.

Need a redundant system - no problem there either, I also got advice from Technical Support on that one. However I chose to back-up the live system using the Linux command 'rsync'. Our mail system doesn't even need to be taken offline for this to happen - just 'rsync' your domain data to the secondary mail server (which is offline) check, both in sync just like that - brilliant (again).

WebMail just works! Staff in our company frequently travels the globe on business and mail downtime is not an option, our system is happily serving up the requests day and night from all over the place! By using IMAP we successfully keep all mailboxes in sync so when the wanderers return everything is as it was when they were thousands of miles away from the office.

My Conclusions

AXIGEN also accept development suggestions from their customers, purely to make their product better for those fortunate enough running this system - once installed why would you use anything else?

You want a summary, need a mail system? Look no further than AXIGEN, you won't be disappointed.

David Gray,
Combustion, Energy and Steam Specialists Ltd., UK