Philusa Corporation Chooses the AXIGEN Mail Server


Philusa Corporation was established with the purpose of providing the Philippine market with a wide range of quality, but affordable, personal care, household care, baby care and selected pharmaceutical products. A wholly-owned affiliate company of the Mercury Group of Companies, Inc. (MGCI), the company serves over 8000 customers nationwide, ranging from drugstores, supermarkets, hospitals and clinics to wholesalers, service establishments and others.

Aside from the Main Office in Metro Manila, Philusa Corporation has a network of ten branches that are located in the prime business centers of the country. All branches are fully equipped with computers, supporting the company’s efficient distribution and sales systems.


Philusa Corporation switched out their qmail-based system with AXIGEN Mail Server to meet the need for greater reliability, scalability and cost-efficiency. Using the AXIGEN Business Edition on Linux offers the company a good foundation for improving employees' productivity, reducing operating costs and staying ahead of competition.


As Mr. Arlan Dimalanta, IT Manager at Philusa Corporation, further explains, the decision to choose AXIGEN over other messaging and collaboration solutions in the market “was mainly based on three things: the right fit of the product, the right compatibility with Linux and the right cost.”
  • The right fit of the product: AXIGEN Business Edition is a fast and reliable mail server offering integrated (E)SMTP, POP3, IMAP services, WebMail access from PCs and mobile phones, Web Personal Organizer with Calendar, Tasks and Notes, centralized Web and CLI administration. The solution is also highly flexible and scalable, easily accommodating to changing usage scenarios.

    "There were some products with too many features, which we did not need. At the same time, there were solutions with too little features, which were not scalable for future expansion or future use. The AXIGEN Business Edition was just the right fit and size for our requirements. Its features were what we needed at Philusa, especially the GUI interface used for server administration and maintenance,” said Mr. Dimalanta.

  • The right compatibility with Linux: This was also one of the key decision factors for Philusa Corporation, which is now able to reap the full benefits of AXIGEN's availability on Linux, including greater speed and security, ease of administration and maintenance, and a lower overall TCO for their messaging system.

  • The right cost: “Finally, cost-wise, AXIGEN was very affordable. It is a powerful and secure messaging solution that is not expensive. It brings value for money,” added Mr. Dimalanta. The solution offers highly flexible and cost-effective licensing terms, based on a Pay for what you use model. It can be easily adapted to changing communication requirements and growing number of users, while still keeping hardware investments to a minimum.


The decision to switch to the AXIGEN Mail Server entails a long string of benefits for Philusa Corporation, starting from the actual migration to AXIGEN up to the current administration and maintenance of the solution. “In terms of migration, we were able to do it in just one day. We were able to get a lot of help from IPSYSTEMS with their value added services. They helped us on the OS side as well as the migration, and we were very pleased with the services we received from them, said Mr. Dimalanta.

Other benefits shaping AXIGEN as the perfect replacement solution for Philusa Corporation included its:
  • Ease of installation: “We really liked the fact that AXIGEN is the kind of product that is install-and-forget. Once installed, we did not have to worry about it.”

  • Ease of administration: “Another thing we really like is the GUI interface. Our previous mail system (qmail) required knowledge on CLI (Command Line Interface), a resource which the company did not have. In addition, AXIGEN also includes a very rich contextual online help.

  • Ease of maintenance: “With AXIGEN, the learning curve was very short and we have been able to maintain it ever since. I can definitely attest to the email system reliability brought by the AXIGEN implementation.”

  • Profitable licensing model: “Finally, we also like the perpetual license model of AXIGEN,” concluded Mr. Arlan Dimalanta.
By choosing the AXIGEN Mail Server, Philusa Corporation now benefits from a professional, easy-to-manage and cost-effective messaging solution facilitating improved email communication and productivity during day-to-day business operations.

About Gecad Technologies and AXIGEN

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