Romanian Department of Labor Inspection Chooses AXIGEN

Romanian Department of Labor Inspection

The Department of Labor Inspection is a specialized unit of the Romanian central public administration, subordinated to the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family. The institution has in its subordination all the Territorial Labor Inspectorates across the country, as well as several local centers engaged in monitoring units with high professional risk, or in professional preparation and improvement.

Main objectives and activities of the Labor Inspection department include the control and supervision of general labor-related activities, security and health services, the protection of employees working in special environments, providing assistance to employers and employees wishing to prevent any professional risks or social conflicts, suggesting ways to improve the current labor legislation to the Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family.

Initial Scenario

The Department of Labor Inspection initially managed its email services using an Open Source mail server, Postfix, while storing messages on a dedicated server and organizing account information in an OpenLDAP database.

The high email traffic, the necessity to lower the email processing queue, optimize WebMail services and benefit from specialized technical support and maintenance have gradually led to the decision to implement a commercial mail server; that would ensure an optimized email traffic for a number of about 3000 mail users, from over 50 locations and closely as many hosting domains.

The AXIGEN Solution

After a thorough analysis, the AXIGEN messaging solution was chosen to replace the Postfix server. AXIGEN is a fast and powerful mail server, highly scalable and adaptable to the ever changing communication needs. It integrates SMTP/POP3/IMAP and WebMail services and assures a simplified administration process and complete security functionalities.

In addition to the innovative architecture and capacity to process large volumes of email messages, the specialized technical support, as well as the possibility of an automatic migration were major arguments in favor of AXIGEN. Switching to another messaging solution had to be done fast, while avoiding any server downtime and data loss; and AXIGEN could provide a fast and easy migration thanks to its smart storage system and technical assistance provided throughout the entire process.

Benefits of the AXIGEN Implementation

AXIGEN Business Edition (the implemented product edition) provides email users with a fast and easy access to email services, and system administrators with enhanced configuration and security possibilities. Among the benefits AXIGEN brought to the information and communication system within the Labor Inspection, there were:
  • Cutting down the time to process messages as well as an optimized storage disc thanks to the AXIGEN storage format which allows keeping just one copy of a message sent to multiple recipients from the same domain.
  • Regarding the AXIGEN WebMail, a significant gain was made in the area of configuration; users now benefit from multiple configuration options enabling them to customize their WebMail experience. The WebMail interface is available in more than 20 languages and allows users to set multiple filters and rules, such as the ones for redirecting email messages or sending auto responders (Out of the office). The fact that most operations can be now made by users themselves makes it even easier for system administrators.
  • Labor Inspection employees can organize their activities, schedule and meetings with the help of a Personal Organizer that they can access on the Internet (the WebMail interface) or on the computer (for those using the Microsoft Outlook). At work/in the office, or out of the office, they can check their email messages, as well as their calendar (the daily/weekly/monthly etc schedule), the journal (daily activities), task lists and priorities.
  • System Administrators can also configure structures of Public Folders where Labor Inspection employees can access various emails in the same place and at the same time, thus leading to an overall enhanced communication for all users.
  • Preventing impersonation: by activating the AXIGEN functionality that forces the strict association of authenticated users with their own email addresses, thus preventing the risk that users would send any emails with a false identity, from email addresses different from those that they have authenticated with.
  • AXIGEN allows the configuration of various domain parameters, including setting spam messages filtering steps.
  • By Premium Support, Labor Inspection benefits from specialized technical support, available 24/7, by email, phone and Internet. The package includes technical assistance services for the AXIGEN installation, migration and configuration, software maintenance and technical issues.
  • Product updates and new functionalities without any additional costs, available by the simple installation of newly-released AXIGEN versions, while being able to save the old configurations.
  • The AXIGEN Mail Server was built so as to be able to host an unlimited number of email accounts and domains, thus allowing an eventual increase of the number of managed email accounts and domains, according to future necessities and demands, and without requiring any major hardware investments.
"As a public control institution, with multiple centers throughout the country, the Department of Labor Inspection needed a more effective email communication: fast and secure, and supported by a trustworthy technical support. For all these, we have chosen AXIGEN," declared Bogdan Dima, IT Specialist, Department of Labor Inspection.


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