Axigen Gateway Edition This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.

Current customers are supported until the end of their subscription. If you are a registered user of this product and have questions about it, please contact Axigen Support Department
If you ask us which of the test candidates was our favourite, we would have to go for the Axigen Mail Server. [...] If you are looking for a good mail server with excellent WebMail support, you will be very happy with the Axigen Server.  
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Easy to install Learn how to install Axigen Mail Server with AntiVirus & AntiSpam protection in only 10 mins!


I was looking for a lab that would easily explain how to setup and configure a Linux mail server. Axigen was the easiest and most powerful that I came across. I have also suggested it to customers that want an alternative to their M/S Exchange servers. Falconer Technologies
Tony Godfrey ,
Falconer Technologies

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