AXIGEN 2.0 is now available as a Beta release

Category: Product Releases
Published on October 27, 2006

AXIGEN 2.0 offers you a great set of new features: localized and skinable WebMail, reporting engine for more than 100 reports that you can define, wizard for creating email delivery rules and many more!

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Please see bellow the list of new features. Should you like to see a full description of these features, please see:

New Features/Changes

- WebMail: Redesigned WebMail interface
- WebMail: Support for localization (now included English and German)
- WebMail: Support for skins has been improved (2 more skins will be available in the commercial release)
- WebMail: A local Address Book has been added, allowing manual contacts addition
- WebMail: Vacation/out-of-office responses may be set by individual users
from their web interface
- WebMail: A Preview Pane has been added. It displays messages contents in a
pane below the message list in an Outlook style
- WebMail: Search function now supports internationalized searches
- WebMail: email delivery filters can now be created using wizards from the WebMail interface (making Sieve rules creation much easier for users)

- IMAP: Search function now supports internationalized searches

- Reporting: Added support for defining new parameter collection policies
- Reporting: Added support for displaying graphs based on the collected data
for each specified time interval, thus offering over 100 possible reports

- Domain: Added support for Public Folders available from the IMAP and the
WebMail services, allowing users to share their messages by copying them in
these public folders
- Domain: Added support for associating a public folder with a specific e-mail
address, allowing messages to be sent directly to those public folders

- Backup/Restore: New module for backup and restore actions has been added,
named 'ftpBackup', accessible via a proprietary internal FTP server

- Filters: The language has been improved to support AMAVIS and thus to be able to integrate with 15 Antivirus software applications

- SMTP: New filtering engine added at SMTP-connection level, which runs
filters developed using AFSL

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