Category: Product Releases
Published on September 05, 2005

Today a new release is available on our site: AXIGEN Beta 3 at Downloads, which includes a number of new features and bug fixes:

1. New Features

- SSL/TLS encryption is now available for the SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and Webmail modules. A KB article which explains how to configure the SSL settings is available at: Knowledgebase

- AXIGEN now has a Filters API (FAPI), which will allow anyone who has C++ programming skills to write a custom filter for AXIGEN. The FAPI also allows creating connectors for external filters, such as anti-spam and anti-virus, with AXIGEN.

- You can now associate specific actions (Such as Reject / Discard) to each filter, which allows a greater flexibility for the systems administrators. Also, a timeout functionality has been implemented for each filter.

- A search function has been implemented in the Webmail interface.

- Webmail uses an internationalisation (i18n) library, which allows displaying messages encoded in various character sets. Also, messages composed via Webmail, are encoded in the UTF-8 universal encoding.

- Webmail Composer displays an unlimited number of 'Attach file' dialogs, after pressing the 'Attach more files' button.

- The server is now license key aware. As this is a public beta, no keys will be available and server will run in 'trial' mode. However, this doesn't deactivate any of server's features.

2. Main Issues Fixed

- Some crashes in the smtpOutgoing module (RELAY)
- Under some circumstances, some of the server parameters were not reloaded at HUP
- In Webmail, the 'Sent' folder list displays the 'To' field, rather than the 'From' field
- Some MIME parsing related issues
- Several provisioner limitations
- fileinto action was not correctly processed for a SIEVE script
- Under some circumstances, some of the services were not stopping when server was receiving the TERM signal
- Several memory leaks
- the encode_url() HSP function had problems with encoding some characters

Please feel free to install and use this new version and keep in mind that our support team is available for you for any questions or suggestions you might have!