AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0 Beta, Now with Groupware and Other Advanced Collaboration Features

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Published on February 13, 2008

Dear AXIGEN friends,

We are glad to announce yet another Beta release of our messaging solutions, AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0 beta. As always, we are also happy to invite you to join our beta testing campaign and send us your impressions, ideas and questions regarding version 6.0 beta.

The new features of AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0 Beta focus on groupware and advanced collaboration by enabling folders, calendars, contacts and tasks to be shared between users. We have added:
- Groupware – Sharing, Special Folders, Permissions inheritance over the folder tree, Permissions on group hierarchy, Free/Busy status, Send mail on behalf of other users
- Temporary Email Addresses
- SNMP Support
- Built-in Milter support
- WebMail Enhancements - HTML Editor, RPOP Templates
- Delay delivery of selected messages and many more!

For details on all the features introduced by AXIGEN Mail Server 6.0. Beta, please see the below list.

To be part of our beta testing campaign please register at:

Best regards,

New Features
Shared Mailboxes
- Users can now share their folders with other users or groups of users and also manage sharing options through permissions implemented by the Mailbox Access Control List (MACL)
- Permissions can be managed through the WebMail Interface, email client Outlook (when using the Outlook connector) and through IMAP email clients that support ACL (Access Control List); permissions are stored at domain level.
- Permissions can be backed-up and restored using the FTP-Backup service
- Groups of users which can be defined at domain level now have associated permissions.
- At account level, the "Send Mail As" permission allows sending emails in the name of another user.
- The "Free/Busy" permission defined at account level allows other users to see one's free/busy status based on their existing calendar events.
Address Book
- Public and domain contacts are now available in email client Outlook
-Contacts are now stored internally as VCARDs;
-Contacts are now available as folders:
-- Personal contacts are stored in "Contacts" folder;
-- Public (external) contacts are stored in the PUBLIC_FOLDER/"Public Contacts" folder;
--Domain contacts are stored in the PUBLIC_FOLDER/"Domain Contacts" folder and are automatically added when new users are created within a certain domain; this folder is read-only and cannot be otherwise modified;
--Contact-type folders have an associated special view in WebMail, different from email folder view;
- A new service which provides statistics and monitoring for SNMP managers is available
- SMTP Milter integration
-- Integration with AV/AS products is now performed at SMTP level through the Milter protocol
--The Milter integration is defined at Acceptance&Routing Rules level and is accessible through WebAdmin
- Delayed delivery of messages is available and configurable through Acceptance&Routing Rules
- Temporary email addresses can now be created and used from WebMail. Limitations for creating such addresses exist and are available through WebAdmin
-An HTML Composer is now available when composing email messages. HTML editing is also available when defining signatures.
-A Free/Busy tab is available when creating calendar events, allowing users to check attendee availability.
-An Outlook Rules Wizard is now available. It has the same functionality as the WebMail rules wizard, thus generating Sieve server side filtering rules
-IMAP ACL commands are available as described in RFC 4314.

Special folders
- Special folders can now be created and associated with a special folder type. For example, when creating a Task folder, only tasks can be added to it.
- Special folders are displayed in the folder tree before other folders and have a special-type view
- 5.0 existing contacts are upgraded automatically into 6.0 VCARD contacts
-All mailbox properties (including folder view, sort, order) are now backed-up
- Multi-page list view is available for special folders, including contacts
- Copy/Move actions are now available for special objects (events, tasks, notes, journals, contacts)
- Threaded and Group by views now have pagination
- Date/Time details in WebMail can now take into account the user's timezone
- The Reply-To header can now be changed in the mail composer window
- Search results now behave as common mail folders (can be sorted, pagination applies).
- RPOP templates (Yahoo, Gmail) are now available aside from the standard creation of RPOP connections.
- The calendar expand/collapse button has been redesigned.
- The spam folder now has an "Empty folder" link displayed in the folder tree.
- In order to open a message from the Drafts folder, you now have to double-click it.
Filters Wizard
- Message Rules Wizard
-- Users can now change the subject of messages by adding a suffix/prefix.
-- Additional own email addresses can now be added when creating out-of-office replies.
-- Users can now employ the AddressBook when defining a rule with Forward/Redirect actions.
-Acceptance&Routing Rules Wizard
--The remoteSmtpHost parameter is now correctly added to the onRelay event only.
--The onHeadersReceived event is now available.
-The Disabling Flow Control parameters option is now available at listener level.
-The Rename command is now case sensitive.
-Local vs. remote logging distinction is now more explicit for rules.
- Temporary errors (4xx) are available in case of quota exceeding errors; This option is configurable through Acceptance&Routing Rules
- Detection of duplicate addresses is now available and prevents the same message from being sent twice to the same recipient
- Administrators can now change their password from the initial context
- The size and age parameters of the "list id" command from the queue context are now more detailed

Bugfixes from previous version
-LOG: More information is now added to the socket pools logs.
-SEARCH-FOLDERS: Speeds up the search operations initialized by a MAPI client.
-SMTP-OUT: The server crashed when stopping if large numbers of emails were to be relayed.
-CALENDAR: The server crashed when parsing some bad formated calendar emails.
-IMAP: Encoded email header fields are no longer decoded by the ENVELOPE command. Certain IMAP clients do not handle decoded headers correctly.
-CLI: A server crash in the repairAccount command was fixed.
-FILTERS: On Solaris/x86 the use of a specific Sieve filter caused a server crash.
-DNR: Some answers for DNS queries were wrongly interpreted as invalid.
-WEBMAIL: On Solaris/SPARC all HTML emails were wrongly displayed.
-STORAGE: Local email delivery failed with the "Unable to write data to mailbox INBOX" message. This current version can fully recover after this error.
-STORAGE: Account quotas are now recomputed if an inconsistency is found in the storage cache.
-AUTOMIGRATION: The backslash character is now allowed as folder hierarchy delimiter.
-PROCESSING: Fixed a dead-lock in socket filter pools. If many external filters were used, email processing was blocked after some time.
-PROCESSING: Fixed a rare condition which caused server crashes when multiple filters were processing the same email.
-SEARCH: The server crashed when searching unicode patterns in certain emails.
-SEARCH: Stopping the server was taking too long due to search jobs that continued to run.
-SEARCH: Unicode searches on header fields with values folded on multiple lines may have failed in certain search patterns.
-CORE: Some errors during SSL/TLS negotiations caused infinite loops.