AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1 Beta, Now with Mobile WebMail Interface

Category: Product Releases
Published on May 05, 2008

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce you that we have released the new 6.1 Beta version of the AXIGEN Mail Server.

AXIGEN 6.1 Beta comes with a fresh set of features such as mobile messaging functionalities enabling users to access their WebMail account from mobile phones with Internet access to check their emails, compose messages, download attachments and much more. The new version also features Country Filtering, which enables sysadmins to determine geographic locations based on IPs and create rules accordingly, such as banning or allowing emails sent from selected countries.

For details on all the features introduced by AXIGEN Mail Server 6.1 Beta, please see the list below.

As always, we also invite you to send us your impressions, ideas and questions on AXIGEN 6.1 Beta. Please join our beta testing campaign by registering at:

Best regards,

1. New features
WebMail Proxy
- The new proxy service serves only WebMail public pages and resources.
- Optionally, users can be authenticated on the proxy.
- Routes authenticated requests to the appropriate back-end server.
- Has a similar configuration with the POP3/IMAP Proxy.
- If enabled, it will instruct WebMail to detect the used browser; if a mobile browser is detected, WebMail will then serve xHTML pages.
Country Filtering
- The Country Filtering feature can be activated on the SMTP Receiving service.
- The administrator can update the Country Filtering database through WebAdmin (CSV Maxmind format must be used).
- GeoIP rules can be specified directly in the SMTP filters script file or using the WebAdmin wizard.

2. Enhancements
- Routing settings now support more configuration scenarios.

3. Bugfixes from the previous version
- Milter: More than one milter filters can now be applied to email messages.
- IMAP: AXIGEN crashed when the Outlook connector sorted emails by attachment.
- IMAP: Incorrect modifications to message flags were fixed.
- FILTERS: The server crashed when dealing with group members having sieve filters modifying headers.
- FILTERS: The internal forwarder filter used to overwrite the destination mailbox.
- SMTPIN: The 'sentMessagesCount' behavior was corrected.
- PROCESSING: Emails remained in queue.
- DOMAINS: Account classes were not persistent between restarts.
- SEARCH: The server sometimes crashed due to a synchronization issue.