Category: Product Releases
Published on February 21, 2006

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that, starting today, AXIGEN Mail Server is ready for use on a new operating system: FreeBSD. A beta version is now available for download on our website:

In terms of features, the FreeBSD version is identical with existing Linux versions. After the Beta period, the commercial product AXIGEN for FreeBSD will be available for purchase at current license prices. If some of you choose to switch to FreeBSD, you will be able to do that at no extra charge, using the License Key you already have.

We would be happy if you could test it and send us your feedback. Any comments and hints regarding the FreeBSD Beta version are appreciated.

The installation kit includes an INSTALL file with all the installation instructions. The documentation will be upgraded shortly with FreeBSD specific information.

We would like to thank for their patience our users who expressed their interest in this version a long time ago.

Please feel free to contact our technical support team for any questions you might have.