AXIGEN Releases New 7.3 Beta Version with Identity Confirmation

Category: Product Releases
Published on November 24, 2009

Dear AXIGEN Friends,

We are happy to announce the release of the new 7.3 beta version of AXIGEN Mail Server. The release has a strong focus on increased security and usability, introducing features such as an Identity Confirmation antispam tool and the ability to export/import contacts in WebMail.

- AXIGEN Identity Confirmation © is basically the implementation of a Challenge / Response system. It allows users to effectively block spam from reaching their inbox by intercepting incoming emails and requiring new senders to confirm their identity, while still allowing legitimate communications to come through. More info.
- Other user-centric features brought by version 7.3 beta include the ability to export / import contacts in WebMail. System administrators are also provided with the possibility to set password expiration policies and to define customizable welcome messages to be sent to users' inbox upon account creation, as well as with consistent back-up and restore operations.

For the complete list of features and enhancements that AXIGEN Mail Server v7.3 beta introduces, please see the list below.

To get a hands-on experience of the new release, register and download it from the Beta Testing section on our website. Install the freshly-made available 7.3 versions of the AXIGEN server and Outlook Connector and be the first to review the latest additions to our messaging solution.

As always, we invite you to send us your impressions, ideas and questions regarding this new beta release, or any other AXIGEN versions, product features or licensing. Please feel free to contact us at at anytime.

Best regards,

AXIGEN Mail Server

New Features
- CORE, WEBMAIL: A password expiry notification mechanism and password history have been implemented.
- ADMINISTRATIVE: Users can be sent a customizable message upon account creation.
- ADMINISTRATIVE: All the objects found in AXIGEN can be queried and fully identified.
- FILTERING: A challenge response filtering system is now available for users. More info.
- WEBMAIL: There has been added an option to export/import contacts.

- MAILBOX: A new threshold has been added for quota enforcements.
- CLI: The 'show registryInformation' command's output has been enhanced.
- WEBMAIL: A new option is available for messages in WebMail: "Mark all as read".
- BACK-UP: Back-up elements can now be accessed through a virtual file system as well, enabling easy integration with 3rd party back-up solutions. Consistent time and size of objects modification is also achieved, ensuring differential backups.

Bugfixes from previous version
- WEBMAIL: Certain in-line images were not displayed.
- WEBMAIL: WebMail was unable to download certain attachments in case of gzip encoded connections.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Downloading a large email source is now performed completely.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: The content of an opened mail is now displayed when changing view.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Attachment uploading breaks no more when trying to upload many items at the same time.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: The HTML editor is no longer loaded when editing a plain text signature.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: There are no more issues with using certain keys for keyboard shortcuts.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Folder names are no longer displayed in bold after reading all unread emails.
- WEBMAIL-AJAX: Folders containing the "#" character can now be removed.
- WEBMAIL-PROXY: The responses from the back-end to the standard front-end interface used to generate infinite browser loops.
- WEBADMIN: The limit of SMTP relay exceptions has been increased to 1000.
- WEBADMIN: Permissions for delegated users are now displayed for all domains in a large list.
- IMAP: Modifying events via MAPI used to be very slow on large calendars.

Note: Platform and Application Support Changes

- Added support for the following distributions:
o Fedora 12
o Mandriva Enterprise Server 5
o Mandriva Linux 2010.0
o Ubuntu 9.10
o openSUSE 11.2
o OpenBSD 4.6
o Slackware 13.0
o Gentoo 10.0

- Removed support for the following distributions:
o Fedora 10
o Mandriva Linux 2008.1
o openSUSE 10.3
o OpenBSD 4.4
o Slackware 12.2
o Gentoo 2007.0

AXIGEN Outlook Connector

Bugfixes from previous version
- Clicking on Tools -> AXIGEN Mail Server -> Server Side Rules no longer generates any errors.
- Adding a rcpt to a new mail from address book no longer implies four login - logout operations.
- Synchronized domain contacts were never updated.
- Copy/move issues for items that were not fully synchronized.
- Copy/move operations used to create duplicate items.
- When forwarding certain emails with attachments, the recipients of the emails were not able to see the entire message.
- Mails sent in Plain Text/Rich Text are no longer received as HTML.
- The 'Phone' detail of Domain Contacts items is now mapped to Outlook contacts' Phone field.
- The 'To' field is now saved for draft emails.
- Fixed the slow email sending encountered upon hierarchy synchronization.
- Logging on Outlook Connector with another language pack (e.g. Norwegian) used to create duplicate folders.
- Filtered Domain Contacts for Sharing and Open Other Users Folders.
- Sending emails to multiple personal distribution lists is now possible.
- Update emails with the task completion percentage are now received; emails for accepted tasks are now processed.
- The 'To Do' bar no longer reads events from the 'Sent' folder.